Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate in the annual Student Research Symposium?

Any undergraduate or graduate student who has been engaged in some form of research within the College of Science & Engineering is strongly encouraged to participate.

What are the top 5 reasons for participating?

  1. Great "practice" for any future presentations you might give at professional scientific conferences in your own discipline. You could even use this event as a "dry run" for a poster intended for a professional conference.
  2. Free workshops will be made available to you, to show you how to use cutting-edge technology to produce a very professional-looking poster.
  3. It provides another item to put on your resume to help "set you apart" from the rest of the crowd.
  4. Best poster awards
  5. It will be a great social event, with tasty food and live entertainment ... a great opportunity to meet students involved in research from other departments.


Participation in the Symposium offers students practical experience in giving presentations in a professional but relaxed setting. It is also a fun social event where students can learn about research in other departments in the College. The event includes live entertainment, free food, and awards!



  • Don't forget to print your SRS poster in a timely manner. You can find printer help under the Author tab above.

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