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Evaluating Land and Natural Resources in Red River & Bowie Counties through a modern perspective.

Type: Undergraduate
Author(s): Luke Chapman Ranch Management
Advisor(s): Kevin Johnson Ranch Management

The goal of this study was to determine the best utilization of the Resource, with management strategies that maximizes ecological potential while maintaining economic viability in order to improve the resource for future generations.
In modern society, the agriculture industry has a challenge of maintaining economic viability while also improving the ecological stewardship of our natural resources. The current study will provide an inventory of the land through using methods of land and natural resource appraisal as outlined by the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and TCU’s Ranch Management Program to help determine the current status of the resource. Different agricultural practices will be evaluated to not only match the ecological resource, but also test economical viability of the practices using enterprise budget analysis with the goal to meet the triple bottom line of People, Plant, and Profit. The results of the plan will satisfy the ecological aspect of improving the land, while maintaining economic viability and ensuring the resource an asset in the community that is capable of producing protein, fiber, and other products in the local and global economies.